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Mozart l'italiano

Genova 9/3/22

An appointment to discover precious sounds with the concert Mozart l'Italiano, Wednesday 9 March at 8 pm in the I foyer of the Teatro Carlo Felice, Genova

Conductor Andrea De Carlo - Carlo Felice Theatre Orchestra

A. Stradella, La Forza delle stelle: Sinfonia

A. Scarlatti, Concerto grosso n. 4 in sol minore - Concerto grosso n. 5 in re minore

W. A. Mozart, Sinfonia n. 17 in sol maggiore KV 129

Sinfonia n. 29 in la maggiore KV 201



London 4/2/22

From the ancient songs of Sicily to the milongas of Buenos Aires through baroque affetti. 
A sound, a scent of flowers and sea carried by the wind that invades our present with the memory of a woman as strong as a land or a land loved like a woman. The separation, the parting from our world, countries, stories, languages, songs. The regret of a jealousy or a betrayed love, a hope that will never leave us. 

Music by Astor Piazzolla (1921-1992), Claudio Monteverdi (1567-1643), Johannes Cornago (c. 1400 – after 1475), anonymous traditional


San Giovanni Battista
Genova 7/1/22

What Alessandro Stradella considered his best composition, a modern and highly original piece that unites past and future in an ideal embrace between the baroque Ensemble Mare Nostrum and the modern orchestra of the Teatro Carlo Felice in the city that saw his murder and hosts his mortal remains.

Marcello Orselli9.jpg

Il Trespolo Tutore

Genova 30/9-2/10/20

One of the three operas written by A. Stradella for the Teatro Falcone in Genoa in the Carnival of 1678-79. His only opera buffa but with a very bitter taste. 

A masterpiece in which the history of opera and that of commedia dell'arte dialogue.

"Il est presque inutile de redire tout le bien que l’on pense du chef italien. Infatigable défricheur, passionné et talentueux, il insuffle à ses troupes une énergie de tous les instants"

Cyril Mazin, Opéra Magazine March 2022

“Andrea De Carlo’s direction has energetic momentum yet also captures intimate subtleties...A valuable rehabilitation of Stradella’s operatic sphere”

David Vickers, Gramophone March 2022

“On ne se lasse pas d’admirer la direction vive, attentive et souple d’Andrea De Carlo, soucieux de laisser respirer les dialogues comme la musique.”

Viet-Linh Nguyen, Muse Baroque March 2022

“La direction merveilleusement souple, élastique même de De Carlo s’avère plus intuitive encore, dosant parfaitement tensions et détentes, maintenant le suspense au long de récits”

Olivier Rouviere, L'Avant Scène Opéra January 2022

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